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What We Do

Working Capital To Grow and Expand Your Business

With hundreds of thousands of dollars of your money trapped in accounts receivable, money, at times can become tight. With First Builders Financial you can unlock that trapped equity by selling your receivables to us for pennies on the dollar. This gives you an unlimited amount of working capital. You can then use this money for more productive purposes, such as:          -growing your business

-paying for your materials and labor


-hiring more sales guys

and sleeping better at night knowing that your money is where it should be, in your bank account, not on kitchen tables or desks all over the country. 

Stressed Man
Save time, money, and stress by outsourcing your collections

How much time does it take you, your staff, and your project managers to: 

-complete the certificate of   completion

-invoice the insurance company 

-get endorsements from the   homeowner and the mortgage   company

-have the mortgage company come   out and inspect the property

-make countless phone calls fighting with the insurance and mortgage companies to release your money for a project that you finished weeks ago?

With First Builders Financial we will do all of this for you. This way, you can focus on running a business and reduce your office staff, saving you thousands in administrative costs. Your sales guys will now be able to focus on selling more projects in the afternoons, instead of driving around collecting checks. 

businessman writing risk management conc
Risk Management 

When we purchase the receivable from you, we are taking on all of the responsibility. First Builders Financial will assume all of the risk of the homeowner not paying, as long the reason is not due to the fault of the contractor. This way, as soon as you finish a project and you send us the projects contract, the insurance job scope, and our contract with the homeowner you will get paid within 48 hours. You will reduce your losses from homeowners not paying to $0. This will reduce you and your staff's working hours per job by as much as 20%. You will also be able to pay your project managers faster reducing the number of draws and create more productivity and employee loyalty. 



First Builders Financial is a financial services company dedicated to serving the the insurance restoration industry by bridging the funding gap between project completion and the slow and arduous pace that insurance and mortgage companies release and endorse payments. We have years of experience in finance and the insurance restoration industry and we understand the ups and downs of disaster restoration. When big storms come through a contractor can go from 1 million in sales to 10 million in sales creating millions of dollars in depreciation checks owed to the contractor. Without proper funding the contractor can lose out on millions in sales if they have to wait months to get paid by the insurance carriers. 


We at First Builders Financial specialize in financing your contractor after storms occur. Many contractors need this service due to the slow process of your insurance company releasing payments. We pay your contractor for the hard work as soon as they finish and then you pay us after you receive payment from your insurance company. This is how it works: after a storm hits, your insurance adjuster will come out to inspect your property for any storm-related damage. He will then mail you a copy of the insurance estimate of repairs and the first check. This check is normally for about half of the total job cost, which the contractor will collect after the materials are delivered or on the day that construction begins. After all of the repairs are completed and you are satisfied, you will sign a certificate of completion and the insurance company will mail out the second half of the total estimated loss. This can take a couple of weeks. When you receive this check you will have to get your mortgage company to sign it and mail it back to you. This can also take a couple of weeks. Once you get the check back from the mortgage company you will then mail the check to First Builders Financial. This service helps your contractor to continue building after a disaster instead of waiting on payment before they can continue restoring the community. 

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